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Thursday, 16 February 2017

Opencart simplest tutorial to install module and themes in the Opencart

Opencart Basic Tutorial:

  1. In the open cart to add the modules or the theme just we drag the folders of the the module and theme in our upload folders.
  2. In the modules there is banners, carousel etc that helps in listing the product on home page.
  3. To add new menu first add the category tick ‘on top’ while adding it that becomes the menu in the opencart.
  4. And then reference the product to the category.
  5. To change the theme in the open cart go in the module and then select the theme in the theme there will be store listed.
  6. Edit the store and you will find the theme change option just change and save it.
  7. In open cart you can make it work as multi vendor system for that create the new store in the settings -> store list.
  8. So while adding the product select the store you need to add the product in that particular store.
  9. For adding the payment gateway in the opencart just install the module of that particular payment gateway and for its setting go in its module and edit it.
Note: In case of custom theme to change the layout of the frontend just install various modules of the theme that will help in customising the theme.

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