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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

One Night Study Tips

In the present time, with most of us it happens that we are not prepared for the exam and exams comes on the head. Now this is do or die situation for the student because the single day can make lot a difference in the exam result. So here are the few steps for preparing for the exam on a single night.

1. Read the syllabus:

Obliviously one cannot read whole subject on the single day. So first get the syllabus from one of your geek friend(as most of us even do not have syllabus copy). Mark all important points that might come in the exam from all the chapters.If the syllabus is small cover all the topic else mark only important topics.

2. Divide time for various topic:

Now it is generally happens that we start studying particular topic and we continuing it for long time and might in this time one can cover more small and important topics, So plan timing for each topic that how much max time each topic has to be given.

3.Study with friends:

This is one of the most important tip as studying with friend helps us to be more energetic as we are refreshed by discussing and also have some competition. Now another benefit that divide the syllabus among each other and explain each other what you studied it makes faster to grasp if someone explains it compare to book or notes.

4. Never sleep on the exam day:

On the day before exam never sleep try to study whole night as i told it is do or die situation. You can sleep after exam. So be determined to study whole night, If it is not possible then only sleep for 2 to 3 hour in morning.

5. Take small breaks:

Take small breaks while studying as the it would refresh your mind and you can understand things easily. Restrict that breaks are not fore then 10 mins,So this are the some important tips to study a night before exam.  

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